Shamanic Classes
Shamanic Classes
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Shamanic Classes

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Shamanism is an ancient tradition and way of life. It is not a religion. Shamanism focuses on our connection to nature and promotes the well-being of all creation.

Many people turn to Shamanism to address blockages in their energy system caused by trauma, stress, and distrust. These blockages are created by various reasons such as trauma, loss, abuse, illness, recurring crises, addiction, or broken heart. Many people find themselves entangled energetically with another or others. This may manifest in the body through pain, illness, repetitive toxic patterns in relationship, or simply a feeling of stickiness. These cords and entanglements may be bound by false beliefs but are carried in the mind as true. False beliefs can be imprinted early in life, and/or develop over time, keeping the cords hooked into our system. Shamanism can offer a profound release of unwanted patterns and free up our ability to live a happy and productive life.

Patty may use tools such as a drum or rattle, singing bowl, herbs, essential oils, crystals, or other tools to clear resistance in the form of fear or anger patterns, get circulation moving again, restore lost parts of self, or energetically extract foreign energies or obstacles.

Patty’s Shamanic practice offers support to relationships between mind and body, between people, between people and circumstances, and between matter and spirit. Her practice includes:


Power animal retrieval



Soul retrieval

Cord cutting

Space clearing

Spiritual mentoring


Classes can be done in person or remotely. Contact us for more information on these services.

Price is for a 1 hour session.


While spiritual practices and energy work can be used on its own, it is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. Patty does not diagnose conditions, perform medical treatment, or prescribe substances.

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