Kammererite Sphere

Kammererite Sphere

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The vibrational energy of Kammererite is known for alleviating pain—on all levels. Because the stone has connections with the crown chakra, it can help calm overactive thoughts, and anxiety, in addition to regulating the chattering in the mind. Rewire your adverse thought patterns with this helpful gem.

Kammererite is a stone for kindness and generosity. Its energy helps us to cultivate abundance and prosperity, without cultivating greed. It encourages us to have a strong moral compass and to be flexible, realistic, and open-minded. CONTENTS: Meaning and Healing Properties.

Sphere stand included.

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The Science:

A variety or type of Clinochlore

Other Names/Trade Names: Chromium-bearing Clinochlore

Chemical Formula: [Mg5(Al,Cr, Fe)2Si3O10(OH)8] [8, 9] is a hydrous silicate with a monoclinic IIb-2 polytype, with symmetry C2 = m, and is extremely rare and of high interest for mineral collectors

Mohs Hardness 2 to 2.5

Specific Gravity 2.60 to 2.64

Cleavage Quality               Perfect

Refractive Index 1.571 to 1.597

RI for the alpha, beta, and gamma rays is 1.571–1.588, 1.571–1.588, 1.576–1.597

Optical Character              Biaxial/+,-

Birefringence      0.003

Pleochroism is notable, violet to hyacinth-red

Color (General)  Lilac to Purple

Transparency: Transparent, Translucent

Lustre:  Pearly, Greasy, Dull (Earthy)


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Anthony et al, Handbook of mineralogy (2001)

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