Hawaiian Collection: Koa Wood Necklace

Hawaiian Collection: Koa Wood Necklace

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 Koa means “warrior” in Hawaiian. This wood gets its name from King Kamehameha I’s warriors who fashioned it into weapons and canoes in order to conquer and unify Hawaii. This was not the only use for Koa wood, however. Many everyday materials were carved out of Koa wood such as bowls and furniture. The first surfboards were also made out of Koa wood. After the unification of Hawaii, Koa wood was only permitted to be owned by the upper class, although the descendants of Kamehameha reversed this rule. With the introduction of cattle to the islands in the 1800s, deforestation dwindled the population of Koa trees. Fortunately, the population recovered and it is not endangered and is protected.

Koa Wood is found only on the five largest islands of Hawaii. It is known for its beautiful coloring and grain. Big Island Koa are usually more red due to the large amount of volcanic soil from it being the youngest island. The grain of Koa wood ranges from straight to curly, with curly wood having more market value. Koa trees from higher elevations are more likely to be curly than lower-elevation Koa. Simple Koa wood furniture sells for several thousand dollars on the open market. It is illegal to cut live Koa so only dead or decaying Koa are harvested for profit. 

As the warrior wood, Koa carries with it the energy of strength and courage. Like the volcanic earth that nourished it, it is incredibly transformative. Koa gives us the courage to destroy thought patterns and negative cycles that drain our energy. It gives a boost in our willpower. The durability and functionality of Koa gives its energy a dose of practicality as well. It helps us build healing into our lives in practical ways. This requires grounding and structure, which Koa provides. 

Koa is endemic to Hawaii, making this wood have a very unique energy. It nurtures our creativity and helps us grow into ourselves. It is great for those who are struggling to discover who they are. As a sacred tree, Koa strengthens our connection to Nature and Spirit which live inside us.

The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, Honu, has been revered in Hawaii since ancient times. Petroglyphs of Honu survive to this day. It is the only reptile native to Hawaii. This beloved sea creature is seen as Aumakua, a guardian spirit. Honu are especially known for being a protector of keiki, children. Another legend states that Honu guided the first Hawaiians to their island home. Honu are wise creatures capable of navigating hundreds of miles to familiar locations. Because they live on land and sea, they are seen as a representation of this sacred connection. Many myths speak of gods taking on the form of Honu.

In Hawaiian culture, fish hooks are carved with focused intention. The functional purpose of this hook is to catch fish. Hawaii has always relied upon the ocean for sustenance, and thus hooks represent the quintessential relationship between humans the rest of nature. The hook also has ceremonial use as a gift. Gifting a hook to someone means that you wish them all the best luck. Hooks are passed down generations and across families, weaving lives with meanings that are both personal and cultural. Hooks are worn to attract abundance, luck, and strength.

 Only reclaimed Koa wood is used. All 925 Sterling Silver setting, chain and branded with EIH=Energetically In Harmony.

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