Yooperlite Dragon Head

Yooperlite Dragon Head

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These Yooperlite Dragon Heads are a stunning blend of nature's artistry and mystique. Carved from genuine Yooperlite stone, this dragon head is not just a visual masterpiece but also holds a magical secret: it emits a captivating fiery orange glow under black light, bringing a touch of enchantment to any space. More than just a beautiful piece, Yooperlite brings spiritual awareness, enhance intuition, and provide grounding, making the Yooperlite Dragon Head a truly captivating and spiritually meaningful addition to your collection.

The Dragon: The dragon holds rich spiritual symbolism across various cultures, often representing potent energies and transformation. In Eastern traditions, dragons are revered as symbols of strength, wisdom, and good fortune, while in Western mythology, they can embody both danger and guardianship. Universally, the dragon serves as a metaphor for overcoming challenges, embracing change, and tapping into primal, elemental forces, making it a powerful symbol of transformation and resilience on the spiritual journey.

* Photo shown is taken with a black light.  The orange glow is visible only under black light.

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