Titanium Amethyst Druze Necklace

Titanium Amethyst Druze Necklace

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This Titanium coated amethyst druze necklace can be used for its calming, grounding, and protective qualities. Accessorizing with this pendant means wearing a source of tranquility, spiritual growth, and enhanced intuition. When these metaphysical qualities intertwine in a titanium-coated amethyst druze, wearers can experience a balanced and invigorating fusion of energies that promotes holistic well-being. 

Aspects of Amethyst Druze:

  • Encourages Intuition
  • Balances Emotions

Titanium Coating:

Through the process of evaporative coating, the amethyst is placed in a high-pressure vacuum chamber and titanium is turned into a gaseous state, then bonded to the surface of the crystal. This has a positive effect on the stone. The rainbow of colors that result from this process combined with the element of niobium provide full chakra balancing benefits.

*Comes with chain


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