Carnelian Pendulum Hexagonal

Carnelian Pendulum Hexagonal

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The pendulum is a divinatory tool that is used to communicate with spirit via your higher self or your guides. Pendulums can be used to answer "yes or no" questions as well as find lost objects.

This smaller version of pendulum allows for ease of reaction.  

Carnelian stabilizes our energy by enhancing vitality and power within the body. This lends us with the strength and motivation to manifest our creative desires. Carnelian is seen as a crystal of endurance, leadership, courage, and success. It strengthens self-trust and self-esteem. 

As a stone of vitality, carnelian also brings balance and healing to the sacral and root chakras. Become grounded in the sacred cycles of life and body. Find courage to break cycles of abuse. Dispel negativity and find zest for life in this crystal.

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