Carnelian Bracelet Tumbled Nugget

Carnelian Bracelet Tumbled Nugget

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Carnelian is said to relieve our energy of self-doubt and anger. It is a powerful healer. It helps us stand and move with an appreciation of the self and life. It is a stone of endurance, pushing us to keep going when all seems lost. It reminds us that any difficulty can be overcome with compassion. 

Carnelian works its way up to our Sacral Chakra, igniting our passions and increasing our creative energies. These are the energies that motivate our everyday existence, helping us to feel fulfilled and grounded. It helps us create and manifest our most passionate desires. 

Carnelian can be used to heal back and hip pain. It strengthens the lower body. This includes the reproductive system. Carnelian also opens up our muscles to more blood flow, allowing life-giving oxygen to nourish our strength. 

Carnelian helps fight addictions by dispelling the negative energy that created them in the first place. This stone promotes positive views of the self and encourages us to share our lives with other people. It promotes joy in life.

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