Cage Necklace Gold Round

Cage Necklace Gold Round

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This gold-coated, metal cage-style pendant is structured so that it's possible to remove and substitute stones. Select a stone type of your choosing from the menu below.

Apache Tear heals grief and depression. Enhances logical thinking skills.

Blue Chalcedony imparts mental flexibility and verbal dexterity. It stimulates the ability to learn new languages and improves memory. Gives feelings of light-heartedness and optimism. Improves self-perception.

Botswana Agate energizes the auric body. Brings universal love. Aids detoxification, increases fertility, passion, and sensuality.

Brecciated Jasper is a stone of strength and vitality. Use Brecciated Jasper as a worry stone to take advantage of its calming and nurturing properties. It can be used to bring mental clarity and focus to a previously scattered event, experience or life in general.

Hematite grounds and protects us.  It strengthens our connection with the earth, making us feel safe and secure.  It endows us with courage, strength, endurance and vitality.  A "stone for the mind", Hematite stimulates concentration and focus, enhancing memory and original thought.

Opalite is a beautiful, sky blue stone that symbolizes clear thinking, new beginnings, and childlike glee.

Shungite has properties helping one who requires assistance in cleansing, healing, purification of the mind, body, and soul.

Tourmalated Quartz is believed to protect the wearer from negative thoughts and emotions. It is said to be filled with energy that flashes through it and connects one with other fields of energy.

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