Black Obsidian Skull and Crow

Black Obsidian Skull and Crow

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This striking sculpture portrays a crow perched atop a skull - all made out of Black Obsidian stone.

Frequently, crows represent...

  • Life magic; mystery of creation
  • Destiny, personal transformation, alchemy
  • Intelligence
  • Higher perspective
  • Being fearless, audacious
  • Flexibility, adaptability
  • Trickster, manipulative, mischievous

...and while the skull can symbolize death and mortality, it also is a symbol of wisdom and protection.

Black Obsidian Stone is a powerful cleanser of psychic smog created within your aura, and is a strong psychic protection stone. This stone has powerful metaphysical properties that will help to shield you against negativity. The energy of these stones may stimulate the gift of prophesy and may boost precognition.

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