Agate Sun Catcher
Agate Sun Catcher
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Agate Sun Catcher

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Capture the beauty and healing energy of the sun's rays with these gorgeous agate suncatchers. Each suncatcher offers unique spiritual and metaphysical benefit based on the elements included within it: 

Sun:  Spiritual illumination, consciousness, light

Moon: Receptivity, intuition, reflection of the subconscious

Together the sun and moon bring balance and symbolize the duality of existence and the interplay between conscious awareness and hidden depths. 

Evil Eye: Belief in the evil eye is ancient and ubiquitous. Overall, it has long been believed that when someone looks upon you with envy or hatred, it bring a harm upon, whether intended or unintended. Measures taken to ward off the evil eye vary widely between cultures. The symbol of the evil eye is used to ward off negative energy, protect against malevolent glances or intentions, and safeguard one from the effects of envy or the "evil eye."

 Orbit: Balance, harmony, equilibrium

Orbits symbolizes rhythms, and the perpetual nature of existence. Assists in attuning too the interconnectedness of all things and the idea that life and energy move in continuous patterns, reminding us of the cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth. 

Agate: Grounding, clarity, focus, balance, protection against negative influence

  • Pink: Love's essence
  • Purple: Spiritual awakening
  • Blue: Inner peace
  • Green: Healing energy

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